Margaret McCartney

Sunday, March 15 2015 at 4:00PM

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35 Rosemount Viaduct
City Centre, Aberdeen AB25 1NE

Margaret McCartney

What's the talk about?

We are dying older - a success. But we are also dying with more diseases, on more medication. Most people want to die at home, but relatively few do. Meantime, we are urged to 'fight' disease, and many medical interventions are oversold - from CPR to some cancer treatments. Whereas, it's real 'holistic' medicine -hands on palliative and social care- that extends quality and quantity of life. What are the myths and reality of healthcare at the end of life?

Margaret McCartney is a GP in Glasgow, columnist for the BMJ, regular contributor to Radio 4's Inside Health, and author of two books. The Patient Paradox - why sexed up medicine is bad for your health - was published in 2012, and Living with Dying - finding care and compassion at the end of life - in 2014

***note this event is on a Sunday afternoon***

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