Dr James C. Coyne

Thursday, April 30 2015 at 7:30PM

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Holburn Bar
225 Holburn Street
AB10 6BL

Dr James C. Coyne

What's the talk about?

Positive psychology suggests the problems of the poor lie in their attitude or - in more recent versions - in their brains. It provides an unscientific and ideological basis for blaming the poor for their poverty. Moreover, positive psychology is carefully marketed to earn its proponents corporate speaking engagements. Its workshops aim at making workplace stress an individual attitudinal problem and improving worker efficiency, while avoiding confronting the real sources of workplace stress.

In this talk, Jim will provide a thorough update of his well-received blog posts at PLOS Mind the Brain and Science-Based Medicine:

Jim expects to be able to announce at his talk the retraction of a major positive psychology article, based on a critique he co-authored.

Jim Coyne is, along with fellow "Negateer" Barbara Ehrenreich, one of the most prominent and persistent critics of positive psychology. He was a participant in the historic 2006 Positive Psychology Great Debate at the Society of Behavioral Medicine. He is the 2015 Carnegie Centenary Visiting Professor at the University of Stirling and Professor of Health Psychology, University of Groningen, as well as Professor Emeritus of Psychology In Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.