Professor Pete Smith

Thursday, June 23 2011 at 7:30PM

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35 Rosemount Viaduct
City Centre, Aberdeen AB25 1NE

Professor Pete Smith

What's the talk about?

The term “climate skeptic” has come to mean somebody who doesn’t believe in human induced climate change (and who believes it has all been dreamed up by the liberal left to push forward a politically-driven environmentalist agenda). This seems entirely wrong. In my opinion, the sceptics’ attention should be on the large and powerful vested interests in the fossil fuel industries who wish to portray climate change as nonsense, so that we continue to burn their fossil fuels far into the future. The thing I am most sceptical about in the climate change field, is whether we can move forward fast enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions, with these powerful bodies so close to the power!

I tend not to believe something until I have seen evidence for its existence. Having spent the last 15 years looking at the evidence concerning human-induced climate change, I am in no doubt that it is real, and that it is a serious threat to the planet. I will present these (compelling!) arguments during the meeting.
I am looking forward to a healthy debate and bit of banter with the Skeptics in the Pub on this topic on 23rd June 2011.
Pete is a Professor at the University of Aberdeen, his main areas of expertise are in modelling greenhouse gas / carbon mitigation, bio-energy for fossil fuel offsets, and biological carbon sequestration. He is co-leader with Dr Jo Smith of the Environmental Modelling Group.
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